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  1. Grade;
      Ecomaide6G30/33 all colors

  2. Material;
      Ecoamide6G30/33 is composed of 70/67% 6PA and 30/33% glass fiber.

  3. Molding Method;
      Injection Molding

  4. Shrinkage ;
      Flow direction=0.2-0.4%, Vertical direction=0.4-0.8% (ASTM D955)

  5. Temperature Setting
    • NH2(Nozzle) NH2(Nozzle) Front Medium Hopper
      270℃ 270℃ 270℃ 270℃ 270℃
      *Above temperature is just only an example. Please adjust each temperature case by case between 260℃ and 280℃.

  6. Recommendable Mold Temperature;
      80℃-90℃(In case of the water temperature control system) *Before molding, gas venting system and a mold cavity must be cleaned with mold cleaner solvent.

  7. Injection Pressure and speed setting;
      Basically high pressure (around 90%) and high filling speed (around 90%) are required for the excellent and glossy molded part surface. Additionally, Holding pressure is essential for PA, as crystal polymer. (Actual filling time of chair base application is within 3 seconds and required holding pressure time is at least around 15-20 seconds.) Recommendable holding pressure is around 30% and required holding pressure time is 5seconds/1mm thickness. For example, 3mm thickness part requires 5 x 3 = 15 seconds.

  8. Screw rotation at measuring;
      In order to avoid glass fiber’s damage, recommendable screw rotation speed should be less than 90rpm.

  9. Remarks;
      The key point of getting excellent molded part surface is material drying before molding. 0.2wt% of moisture is essential drying condition for the excellent molded part surface. That drying condition will be achieved by 130℃ x 3hours of simple heating dryer or 80℃ x 3 hours of dehumidified dryer.

  10. Others;
      If you have any question, please feel free to contact us without any hesitation.